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Wesley Special         5 bamboo lams


Big Five 4 bamboo lams $625
Tembo 3 bamboo lams $600
Redman 4 yew lams $625
Halfbreed 4 yew and/or bamboo lams $625
Cheetah 4 juniper and bamboo lams $625
Crocodile 4 osage orange lams $625
Rhino 4 honey locust lams $625
Bighorn Sheep 4 Red elm lams $625
Wasp 4 Osage and honey locust lams $625
Ruffed Grouse 4 Red elm and bamboo lams $625
Owl 4 Osage and bamboo lams $625
Cougar 4 Honey locust and bamboo


Bear Cub Like any 3 lam full-size bow--for junior $280
Bobcat Intermediate 3-lam bow / 60" length
Up to 45# @ 27" draw
Bow Blank Any bow partially finished $450 - 4 lams
$475 - 5 lams
 Any traditional longbow may be ordered in lengths from 60 to 70 inches, in even numbered increments. Bamboo bows may be requested at any weight up to 200 lbs., and up to a 32" draw. Other woods will not be guaranteed over 90 lbs. and up to a 30" draw. When a bow is ordered in excess of 75lbs., there is an additional charge of $2.50 per lb. up to 100#, $6/lb. up to 150#, and $10/lb. over 150#.
All bow woods and options are subject to availability, which is sometimes beyond our control.  Every bow carries a 2-year guarantee which covers any defects in materials and workmanship.


Longbow Custom Extras Prices

Genuine Elk or Deer Hide Wrap Add $10
Genuine Moose Hide Wrap Add $15
Laced Wraps Add $10
Ebony Riser Add $40
Wood Overlays (see Handle Riser options) Add $30
Deer or Elk Antler Tip Overlays Add $50
Ivory or  Buffalo Horn Tip Overlays Add $75
Additional bow limb Laminations Add $25
Hand Polished High Gloss Finish Add $35
Finished Handle (no wrap) Add $35
Sterling Silver Inlays -Antelope, Buffalo, Bear, Deer, Elk, Ram, Wolf, Rhino Add $75
Pull-apart take-down sleeve up to 70# on any model bow

Add $150


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