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Hunting the Hard Way by Howard Hill The classic collection of hunting and shooting stories as told by Howard himself. A must read for every serious hunting archer! 318 pages. Paperback $28.00
Howard Hill:The Man and the Legend by Craig T. Ekin A biography of the world famous archer Howard Hill. Includes many quotes directly from Howard of his innermost thoughts, fears, and goals. His own words of his experience in Africa, shooting tips, tackle & more. 231 pages. Hard Cover $30.00
Traditional Archery Adventures by Bob Wesley
 Includes archery golf, bowfishing, hunting deer, hunting hogs, visiting with Howard Hill, hunting Polar Bear, etc.



Tembo Howard Hill's African adventure in 1950, plus the short clip called "Points on Arrows". $20.00
The Last Wilderness Howard Hill's Wyoming hunt shot in the 30's, plus the short clip called "Hunting the Hard Way". $20.00
Hunting and Fishing with the Bow and Arrow This DVD features Howard Hill and Ben Pearson hunting rabbits, wild boar, Catalina goats and alligator gar. Color. 30 min. Plus 3 shorts. $20.00
Howard Hill's Greatest 7 short features on one DVD. $20.00
Indirect Aiming for Bowhunting Longbow Techniques by Bob Wesley + Digital Scrapbook software for PC
     1) No editing in making DVD
     2) Bob walks to each target so the archer can count his steps & see
         the real yardages
     3) Instructional DVD rather than for entertainment


Collectible Items

Iron-On Patch Howard Hill longbowmen logo $1.00
Embroidered Patch with text "Howard Hill Archery"
Posters 17"x22" collage of photos. Movie Career & Wild Game  $4.00/pair


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