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Longbow Accessories

Flemish Splice String Specify bow length & draw weight 17.00
FastFlight String Specify bow length & Draw weight 20.00
Stringer Made with a pouch on each end 10.00
Selway Longbow Stringer Made with one pouch & rubber foot 10.50
Recurve "Limbsaver" Bowstringer Made with recurve pouch & rubber foot 11.50
Whisker Silencers Strands of rubber designed to silence bowstring noise 1.50/pr
Animal Hair Silencers Fur strips designed for bowstring silencing 5.00/pr
Bow Tip Protectors Rubber pouch to protect lower limb tip 4.00/ea
Bowsquare For setting up nocking point on bowstring...12" length 10.00


String Material

Dacron B-50 4 oz. Waxed String Material 11.00
Bowstring Wax Increases string life 3.00
Nylon Serving Thread 1 oz. 5.00
Speed Spin Server For Professional Serving
Noks For String Nocking Point .50 ea


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